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戴尔670亿美元收购EMC 创业界纪录:英超下注平台

本文摘要:striking The largest technology take over ever,The computer maker Dell and The investment firm silver lake confirmed on Monday that they would and与电脑制造商戴尔(戴尔投资公司Silver Lake)签署了仅次于技术产业规模的收购案,本周一双方确认将耗资约670亿美元收购EMC。


striking The largest technology take over ever,The computer maker Dell and The investment firm silver lake confirmed on Monday that they would and与电脑制造商戴尔(戴尔投资公司Silver Lake)签署了仅次于技术产业规模的收购案,本周一双方确认将耗资约670亿美元收购EMC。the buyout of EMC will be the latest stage in Dell ‘ s evolution from a pioneering manufacturer of personal computers to a provider of services for be ee戴尔正在从领先的PC制造商向企业服务提供商转变,收购EMC是变革的最后一步。戴尔的现有产品还包括网络服务器、企业软件和移动设备,EMC收购后,数据存储领域的大品牌也被戴尔包括在内。

“the combination of Dell and EMC creates an enterprise solutions power house bringing our customers industry-leading innovation across theth nth“our new company will be exceptionally well positioned for growth in the mowth Tegic areas of next-generation I . T”“如果戴尔和EMC分割,将成为企业解决方案巨头。”迈克尔s .戴尔(Michael S. Dell)表示:“新公司将在下一代信息技术最重要的战略领域占据非常不利的地位。

”他拆分后带领公司兼任董事长兼CEO。Under the terms of the deal,Dell will pay $ 24.05 A share in cash to EMC shareholders and shares of A tracking stock tied to EMC ‘ s 81 percent stttDell将根据交易条件向EMC股东缴纳每周24.05美元的现金。由于EMC持有人虚拟化软件供应商VMware的81%股权,Dell以后还没有VMware作为上市公司存在。综合来看,EMC股东每周可以获得约33.15美元的价格,与上周三EMC股价相比,溢价接近28%。

当时两家公司之间谈判的消息还没有报道。shares of EMC wereup 1 percent in midday trading,28.19美元。

EMC股价午餐价格下跌1%,约28.19美元。the deal resolves much of the uncertainty about EMC,which over its 36-year history has grown from data storage into a collection of businession这次交易避免了对EMC的很多不确定性。该公司有36年的历史,最初是数据存储企业,后来扩大了多种业务,为企业客户提供网络安全和内容管理服务。

但是,在过去10年中,随着数据存储成本的大幅上升,EMC遇到了困难,一些收购合并也没能挽回命运。more recently it has been under pressure from Elliott Management,a $ 25 billion hedge fund known for shaking up companies it believes are undd
after Elliott called for a radical shift in EMC ‘ s strategy,The company brokered a truce in January by adding two new directors . yet as months weet艾略特敦促EMC不要在战略上做出根本性的调整。此后,该公司今年1月减少了两名新董事,双方以这种方式达成了停火协议。

但是,几个月过去了,EMC没有采取任何措施,随着禁止对对冲基金公开演讲的维持现状合同上月到期,该行动派投资机构向EMC施加压力,要求其拒绝采取行动。Monday ‘ s deal appeared to satisfy Elliott ‘ s concerns,howeverthe hedge fund declared the transaction acceptable。(据了解the firm expects to turn a profit from its investment,according to people briefed on情况的人士预测,该公司不会从投资中获利。

)“this is a terrific outcome,”Jesse Cohn,Elliott ‘ s head of equity activism in the United States,Said in a telephone interview“as activist shareholders,it ‘ s hard to find any fault in this process。”“这个结果很有趣。”艾略特负责美国国内的管理,“作为行动派股东,很难找到程序上的错误。

”taking EMC private could afford that company the same sort of breathing room Dell has enjoyed。通过EMC私有化,可以获得与Dell一样的情况逆转空间。the deal will be financed with new equity from Mr . Dell;His family office,MSD Partners银湖;And Temasek,a Singapore state-owned investment company。合同中涉及的资金有Michael s Dell、他的家庭公司MSD合作伙伴(MSD Partners)、银湖(Still,the take over is an ambitious bet on a number of Fronts . while the rapid)此次收购反映了戴尔,迅速展开大规模收购的步伐尚未停止,戴尔在收购EMC的同时也没有欠下巨额债务。

瑞信(Credit Suisse)和摩根大通(JPMorgan Chase)正在协商全球融资措施。but that money would be borrowed before an expected rise in interest rates。and it would mean making Dell even bigger at a time when companies of all stripes believe smaller is better . many huge tech companies have announces Ansmoving away from the conglomerate model,proponents contend,Means that each business will have greater focus from both management and froom支持者们表示,退出大企业集团模式将使管理层和股东更加关注各企业,今后将下滑到新的公司股价。tech companies have been no exception . hewlett-packard,for instance,Is close to completing a split of its enterprise services business技术公司也不值得注意。

例如,惠普(HP-Packard)在PC部门整合企业服务工作的工作已经接近完成。今年年初,ebay也将支付paypal的工作压在核心电子商务平台上。EMC itself has been criticized by investors for its so-called Federation,A collection of businesses that range from data storage to networking但是该公司的管理层整体上断然拒绝了完全合并公司的声音。

yet Mr . Dell and his counter part at EMC,Joe tucci,Argue that sticking with the one-stop-shop business model would help it draw corporate销售服务器的企业客户。Dell ‘ s headquarters will remain in round rock,tex。and the headquarters of the combined enterprise systems business will be in EMC hop kinton,mass . Mr . tucci will continue as chairman and chairman戴尔总部仍将返回德克萨斯州朗德洛克进行拆分,图西将在交易完成之前兼任EMC董事长兼首席执行官。